The Real Martin Luther


How could one chronically depressed monk have known how much he was about to change everything? The Real Martin Luther takes a fearlessly light-hearted look at the man behind the 95 Theses. With the help of more than 150 images you can expect to smile, laugh and smirk while enjoying history that isn’t dry or unnecessarily serious.

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What Others Say:

"I can assure you that you are in for an entertaining ride."
-Hisdoryan, full review
“A great way to get the church more interested in church history”
-Nick Campbell / Christ is the Cure Podcast, full review
"This book really is one-of-a-kind and explores an impressive direction that Hamon chose to take."
-Geeks Under Grace, full review
"The perfect introduction to Martin Luther,"
-Calvinist Batman, full review
“There is simply no replacing the uniqueness of The Real Martin Luther
-Solas and Struggles, full review
The Real Martin Luther is a biography for the rest of us”
-Delighting Grace, full review

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